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Tips for Successful Internet Marketing

Among the potent tools for marketing today is the Internet. No industry today can ignore its reach whether it is media that tries to connect with its viewers/readers through Tweets and Fan pages or even a small takeaway food joint that books orders on its website/landing page. For someone who is aware of the significance of Internet marketing and is keen on making a start, here are some basic tips:

1. Narrow down on your goals: what is it that you plan to achieve through a presence on the internet. Is it awareness and an online presence? Is it leads or is it customer loyalty?

2. Decide on a budget: This includes both time and money. Figure out if you have the time to spend on Internet Marketing and the Money you are willing to experiment with. Also, make a judgement on whether you have the expertise to do it on your own. If not, hire someone in-house or use an external Internet Marketing agency to help you through it. It is better to do it right even if it is with an external agency.

3. List out your target audience: Who are you trying to reach? Is it students? Is it the corporate crowd? Is it newly married couples? Shortlist your target audience based on Age Group, Gender, Corporate Profile (if required) and Geography. This will help you decide on the right Internet Marketing tool. For instance, if it is students, Facebook could be a good tool to use; if it is working executives perhaps LinkedIn would help. Geographic targeting will help you market only in the areas where you service, thus helping you cut down costs.

4. Create a Lead-Capturing Landing Page / Website: Having a Landing Page / Website / Microsite is akin to having a brick and mortar shop. It is the place where you expect your potential customers to come to. It is the place where you expect to find out what they want and let them know what you have on offer.

5. Use Relevant Lead-Capturing Widgets: Most businesses make the mistake of getting a great website done that looks good and presents a lot of information but fails in capturing info from visitors. It is important, therefore, to use Lead-Capturing Widgets like Inquiry Form, Click2Call, Download Deal Coupon widget, Sign up for Newsletter etc. These will help interested site visitors get in touch with you.

6. Promote your Landing Page: Now that your website is created, it is important for you to promote it well. After all, Internet users need to know of its existence. Therefore use SEO (Search Engine Optimization – helps you show up on the first page of Search Engine Results Page for relevant keywords), SEM (Search Engine Marketing – paid advertising across channels like Google, Facebook, Yahoo / Bing, LinkedIn and other Ad Networks), Newsletters, Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages and More.

7. Always Follow-Up: You may have a good landing page and you may promote it well. But if you don’t follow up on the leads on time, you will lose out on potential customers. So check your mails on a daily basis. Respond to customer inquiries. Call back your customers if they wish you to. Don’t make them wait.

8. Use Internet Marketing on an ongoing basis: Remember, Internet Marketing is not a short-term initiative. It is something you will need to work on regularly; simply because if you don’t, your competitors will win over your existing and potential customers. Look at it as an unavoidable business cost just like hiring people for managing your shop.

Internet Marketing and Content Marketing

Online marketing and article promoting aren’t a similar thing, because internet marketing is a ample concept with many smaller ideas underneath it, and article promotion is one of those smaller aspects of internet marketing. The reason why these 2 concepts go hand in hand is because no web marketing campaign is entire without some type of article marketing. Internet marketing and article marketing go side by side because using content to market your brand, your website or your affiliate products is very important in creating a total Internet marketing solution.

There are numerous different types of internet commerce that you can milk to get their brand out there. However, you should know that all most forms of online marketing have fees of some kind because promoting isn’t free. That is, promoting isn’t free unless you are advertising through article promotion. This exclusive form of marketing was preferred long before eCommerce was a gigantic thing.

For so long as mass print strategies have been available, businesses have been selling themselves through article creation, by offering something of value to print media of years gone by like widely read newspapers in exchange for a byline or a little advertisement. When it come to electronic commerce and web marketing, bum marketing is a superb means for getting information out there and making powerful links back to your internet site or associate products.

When it comes to article promotion, there are countless important and useful features to consider.

– This form of selling creates tough links from high pagerank websites back to your website or affiliate products. The more backlinks you have coming to your website from other sources, the stronger your internet site will be in search engine page lists like Google.

– By providing worth in the written articles that you create, you will be creating yourself as a respected authority on the keywords, niches or subjects that you are promoting though writing. When readers know they can trust you for real, fair info, they’re going to keep returning for more.

– By including a byline or resource box to your content you’ll be giving future clients a way to contact you after understanding your important content. Not merely will this create tough links, but it’ll also help connect further traffic to your site that you would not routinely be able to get.

– By creating written content optimized for search engines you’ll be improving your overall traffic and even your general PR by submitting to sites with high pageranks and authority.

Internet Marketing and Ecommerce

I have spent hundreds of dollars on e-books and instruction manuals for everything from cellular phone recycling, affiliate marketing, drop-shipped eBay products, Google AdWords tips, and many more still waiting to be printed from my hard drive. The one thing the various pitch pages and manuals never seem to encourage is patience and hard work. There is no such thing as a free ride. And people who are interested in getting into the possibly lucrative field of internet marketing need to remember those virtues as they dream of six-figure incomes.

While I definitely believe my education has been supremely enhanced through purchasing many of the guides and manuals, my education has been more successful due to my careful application of the information. I have recently begun to see some of the exciting profits that I have been promised. But not without the hard work of going beyond the ebooks, manuals, and computer programs. I’ve learned and re-learned many lessons.

Do your own research. Especially beyond the first few pages of a Google search. Read and re-read the reviews of any product you are considering. Often, there are free alternatives available and public domain information that can support or enhance that e-book you purchased. You’ll have to look very hard and deep into the internet to find it, but it’s worth it.

Do not act on impulse. Set up a budget each month for what you may be willing to spend in the pursuit of knowledge. Like any education, you should plan for it to be expensive. I initially limited myself to $100 dollars a month to start. I called it, “My dinner and a movie money.” Now, of course, I have a lot of extra money available, but I still only have the hundred dollar budget…and I can take in dinner and a movie more often.

Be prepared for profits. Have a business plan and follow it. Be prepared to lose money at first, but if you plan for it, you won’t have any frustration affecting your determination. When you do begin to profit, your business plan will help you deal with the many other things than come from success. The IRS, for example.

Keep records of everything. Document all you can on paper. Computers are great for storing and keeping track of information. But the ease of storage and retrieval can lead to apathy. Thinking you’ll get to it later gets harder the more excited you are about your latest affiliate program and you’ll make a big mistake.

Internet Marketing And Ecommerce Webmasters

Most internet marketers think SEO tips refers to a tutorial to get backlinks. Unfortunately for many of these IMers, they will spend entirely too much money on getting backlinks to help their non-optimized websites to rank and generate money.

Without learning proper SEO tips, all the backlinks in the world are only going to get your website so high in the SERPs. Moreover, with a properly SEO’d website, you will have little need for massive backlinks – a few well-placed links will do.

But why do so many IMers avoid learning proper SEO? Is it laziness – since anyone can find a backlinking service, software or gimmick? Is it due to this idea that Google engineers wield PhD’s and have the IQ of Braniac? Why is SEO so intimidating, and why aren’t more would-be “webmasters” doing more of it?

The answers vary, but possibly it boils down to the fact that buying more links is so much easier than trying to learn effective SEO tips, with shifting algorithms and the endless roll of new products. Case in point:

Google Instant

Google Suggest

Google Caffeine…there is no end to search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and Google changing their algorithms – it’s the bouncing ball of SEO that makes internet marketing the fun that it is.

Aside from the reasons why so many avoid simple SEO tips, there are a number of great tutorials online that will help you get started, many of them simply repeat the information that you can find in a host of other places – this is because the basic rules of SEO don’t change. Here is a straightforward list of SEO tips you can bank on:

  1. Consult the Webmaster Sections of The Top 3 Search Engines, Learn Their List of “Do’s” and “Do Not’s”
  2. Follow Their Rules!
  3. Don’t Mistake Spam For SEO
  4. Read At Least One SEO Guide
  5. Buy An On-Page SEO Auditing Software Or Find A Free One (You Need A Second Opinion!)

See? Oversimplified SEO tips, and absolutely effective. Look, you really don’t need to make it rocket science – never mind that the main search engines employ the most intelligent minds on the planet, they’re not out to get you. They’ve made “webmaster tools” or similar resources by which to learn what they are looking for.

One of the big reasons so many fail online is because they would rather not take the time to learn search engine optimization – this is a mistake, and it will cost you in the near and distant future. Without an optimized website, you will require hundreds of backlinks, even thousands, that you will hardly turn a profit online.

Optimize your website before backlinking anything. And you can go to and get a free 7 day set of lessons to give you an orientation, and for another resource you can consider poking around SEOMoz or WordTracker – they have another guide or two.

These are only suggested places to begin, but big names in the industry. For a really brief rundown, here is what you want to do to optimize your websites for better on-page search engine optimization:

  1. Find Great Keywords, Lower Competition If Possible
  2. Use The Keywords In Your Domain Name, URLs, Post Titles, Tags and Categories
  3. Use The Keywords In Your Meta Data (Title Tags, Description, Keywords)
  4. Use The Keywords Naturally In Your Content
  5. Tag Your Images With The Keywords (Titles and “Alt” Tags)
  6. Use Your Keywords As Anchor Text In Your Backlinks
  7. Get Plenty Of High Quality Backlinks

That is a very basic, but effective way to optimize your websites. The good news is that you can make this as easy or as hard as you want. Software can help you find the best keywords (sure beats manually looking, though both work), and analyze the competition for these keywords.

Furthermore, the software will give you an audit of your website so you will know what action to take to increase your SEO, and even help you build links that are legitimate, strong and lasting backlinks that search engines reward with higher search engine positioning. These are SEO tips in brief, but legitimate strategies that will pay off in the end.