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The Nightmare of Internet Marketing

If you have tried to market a product, service, or your website on the internet then you will know that it is an absolute nightmare and hugely frustrating as well. Although there are millions of websites offering you a solution to internet marketing, none can really guarantee you results of one hundred percent. There are also dozens of different e-books a person can invest in explaining different techniques, and just as many websites and companies all offering you the answers. Making money online through your e-commerce store or as a vendor means getting the visitors to come, and it does not stop there either. Your website must be designed to make the visitor purchase your goods or services as well.

Competition is Fierce

In the 21st century Internet era, there are millions of websites all jostling for top positions to promote their businesses. On the other side of the coin, every day millions of people are using search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find what they are looking for. Internet marketing is certainly the most competitive in the health and making money online niches, and for this reason 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs that desire to become wealthy in these niches using the internet fail, because of internet marketing more than anything else. Sure; you can have the smartest website, and the best and most value for money product, but who is going to see it amongst the millions of other websites with competing offers of a similar nature to yours?

Smart Businesses Can not Ignore having an Internet Presence

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore having an online presence because people are beginning to trust the internet when it comes to using products or services conveniently no matter what their location may be. Internet marketing effectively for your company, means that your website should be found within at least the top 10 to 15 search results for your related keywords, otherwise you are going to eaten alive by your competitors. Short concentration spans and instant gratification is what consumers are looking for. When it comes to health and wealth this is even more the case. It stands to reason why so many people are caught out by making money online scams that promise wealth in a matter of days or weeks. Once again it’s the instant gratification people want including of becoming wealthy is short time frames.

Internet marketing Search Engine strategies

One of the safest bets in internet marketing must definitely be Search engine optimization, because this is a long term website strategy. Getting well placed in search engines is an art, and continuous tweaking needs to be done to your website to get it exactly right. Once you have reached the desired position in the main search engines which can take some time, then all that is really needed is to maintain your position through using the right techniques. Using an internet marketing company to handle this for you may be a sensible idea and more worthwhile investing in because it is a time consuming process. This is even more important if you do not have the right know how!

If you are trying to make money online through ecommerce then focusing your internet marketing tactics on getting well positioned in top search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Alexa and AOL is what really counts. While you are working on this, or using the services of a company to do it for you, then you can spend time on other techniques to drive visitors to your website.

Some quick internet Marketing Solutions

The simple answers to this are investing in low cost advertising packages, pay per click, social networks, and advertising forums. Internet marketing takes some time to get right so do not expect any instant solutions or instant gratification. This is one area where it is not possible unless you purchase a reputable package from a company that guarantees a certain amount of visitors to your website. This may be quite expensive and there is still no guarantee that your visitors will turn into buyers either.

Profits From Email Marketing And Ecommerce

It is a naive but common misconception that you can send marketing emails to a subscriber list and make an easy fortune. Well, that would be great, but it’s not going to happen. However, email marketing has a huge potential to generate profits, if you do it right.

It takes more than just sending out emails to become a successful email marketer. Nevertheless, if you are willing to work consistently, you can substantially increase the profitability of any ecommerce website. By taking the time to carefully analyze your current situation and the best options available to you, try and test different internet marketing strategies and improve them where necessary, you can become successful. Your focus should be on building your opt in subscriber list, creating effective content for email marketing purposes, managing your subscriber list, and testing different approaches for effectiveness.

An attractive website will not automatically mean a profitable one. Your job is not only to get targeted traffic to your site, it is to attract traffic that converts to sales. The reason why most visitors do not become customers is that most people do not buy from a website on the first visit. If you do not have a way to capture visitors’ names and then build credibility with them, the cost of generating the traffic is often wasted. However, if you have a way of remaining in contact with your visitors, many of them will return to your website again and again to check out new offers and information. In other words, you have to create a subscriber list, build it and market to it consistently. Every page of your website should have a link to a subscription form.

The easiest way to get new subscribers is to offer an incentive. The most popular offers are free downloads such as an e-book, free subscriptions to ezines, free shipping or substantial discounts on purchases. The shopping cart form can include a new customer’s email address. Just make sure your form also gives permission for further email contact. If you add a link to a subscription form in your confirmation email to the customer, you can get further information that can aid your marketing efforts.

In the short term, until you have an effective subscriber based marketing program, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be used to direct a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Most people who are looking for certain types of products, services or information use online searches to locate them. A PPC campaign will get your website in front of people who are searching and many of them will click on your link. PPC should be combined with an opt-in mail list so that you don’t lose the benefit of your visitors should they not immediately purchase. Make sure your sign up form is user friendly. Then send regular updates, information and offers to your readers with links back to your website.

Your website should be easy to navigate with products and services organized into categories or sections so that people can easily find what they are looking for. Make it easy for people to make their selections. Personalize your emails by using your subscriber’s first name. If you add a “tell a friend” or “send to a friend” option to your newsletter you may be able to benefit from viral marketing. Personal recommendations are more likely if your content is interesting or unusual.

What Is Internet Marketing and How Is It Used to Increase Sales

Companies in the world today find it more efficient to use the internet to sell their products. It can be from a pin to an anchor; what ever you are selling, likelihood of your product to be seen on the internet is higher than customers walking into your store. The internet is used to find places, to get information, to educate, and to promote goods and services that are thought to be of use to people. The information that is gathered from the internet is used constructively for making decisions.

This is where internet marketing becomes useful; when you have that much traffic in one place, the reality is there will be lots of customers that will browse and buy. They will be informed on the products and services you have available, and all the necessary information they need, will be available at their fingertips.

Marketing via the internet is made up of a lot of elements which helps the buyer or person doing the query on whatever product, to make a decision. These elements are called strategies; they are SEOs or search engine optimizers, eCommerce, social media optimizers, PPC or pay-per-click, there are so many strategies available that when used effectively, will widen the potential availability of website viewing so as to create commerce and conversion increase.

Having this weapon in your arsenal will make the viewer buy, call to get more acquainted, download information for future reference, what the need is internet marketing is able to provide. The content of any information that is available must make such an impact on the viewer; they leave your site with the impression and confidence in your product and services. There must be no gray areas left in the minds of any potential customer that they will not visit the site again. Some site comes off to potential viewers as just someone making a sales pitch. Your use of internet marketing to sell your product must always give complete information about your goods and services. This will indeed ensure trust and a professional relationship for future endeavors.

Internet Marketing and Its Benefits

Internet marketing, or online marketing, as it is also called, means simply to market over the Internet. It may include learning about the market that you are going to target; online advertising and/or other means of persuading customers (essentially creating consumer awareness) to buy a product, use a service or sign up for something; selling and distributing; and direct sales.

An Internet marketer may have a brick and mortar business, such as a sporting goods store and use online marketing to build a larger customer base through methods like having customers order online. Alternately, an Internet marketer may conduct every aspect of a business — from product creation to distribution — online. Either way, the definition of Internet marketing and the scope of this book will always include using the Internet to create consumer awareness and to influence the sales of the product.

In some ways, Internet marketing is a lot like traditional, offline marketing. For example, Internet marketers and traditional marketers share the common objective of creating awareness of their product or service and influencing consumers’ decisions.

While the main goal is the same, the business model, method and strategies between traditional marketing and Internet marketing are numerous. For example, traditional marketing may use direct mailings, printed brochures, and demonstrations at trade shows, networking through community groups, sales representatives or store employees, a good physical location, a nicely decorated store, local advertising through radio, newspaper and television, and many other methods.

On the other hand, Internet marketing may use strategies such as website design, search engine optimization, persuasive sales copy on the site to convert traffic to sales, automated emails, multimedia presentations, pay per click and banner advertising, viral marketing, free digital products (such as reports and newsletters), social networking sites, blogs, and several other methods. We’ll be talking about these online marketing strategies throughout this text.

Since learning something new, such as Internet marketing, does require some concentration and time on your part, as well as patience with yourself, here are a few excellent reasons to continue moving forward with Internet marketing:

  • Lower operating costs. For example, you won’t need to hire sales representatives with Internet marketing techniques. If the entire business is online, you will save a great deal of money in the way of rent and utilities. You may also save by not needing to commute to a traditional brick and mortar business.
  • The ability to reach more potential customers/clients. Online marketing means that you can reach people on an international level, and interact easily and quickly with them.
  • Many opportunities for free and low-cost marketing. Blogs, social networking, and free to use advertising services, as well as advertising that is paid for only when certain results are achieved (pay per click, for example), are all options with online marketing. This marketing venue also eliminates the expense of radio, TV and/or newspaper advertising, as online advertising is taking over the market share.
  • The convenience and comfort of working at home. If your entire business is online, you can work at home or wherever you have a laptop and Internet access. Moreover, though, you will get home business tax write-offs.
  • Low start up costs. Informational and other digital products do not involve shipping or printing costs. If you join a network marketing group, you don’t even need your own product.
  • Scheduling freedom. If you run your business completely online, you can set your own hours.
  • Market analysis is made easier with the interactive powers of the Internet. For example, an Internet marketer can easily measure the effectiveness of paid advertising when using pay per click (PPC), pay per impression (CPM) or pay per action ads.
  • Behavioral marketing can be easily applied. For example, the Internet marketer can target advertising to various groups of consumers based on activities they enjoy, such as those reading blogs about search engine optimization or downloading cooking videos, etc. By doing so, you can also reach across demographic gaps of age, gender and location to influence far more consumers than you would with traditional marketing.
  • Increased earnings without higher costs. Online marketing, when coupled with a digital product you create or otherwise own, allows you to boost your earnings without buying a product or spending more time creating more products because you are selling digital copies.
  • Larger sales numbers. Online marketing when coupled with network marketing, allows you to recruit and sell products in much larger numbers using tools like auto responders for opt-in emails and your website, instead of hours spent each night talking to a small group of people at a home party.