Internet Marketing and Copywriting Marriage

Internet marketing is the use of a wide variety of techniques to get potential clients or customers take notice of a service or product using online technology and a different marketing skill set. One aspect of Internet marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is mainly the use of on-page or on-the-site and off-page or off-the-site methods to make a search engine qualify a site to be put on the top of the search engine results pages or SERPs. Why the need for a website to get placed on the top of the SERPs? This is to direct traffic to that site since people who use search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN, in looking for information have the habit of checking out the sites that are the most visible – the sites on the top of the SERPs.

So what does this have to do with copywriting? Content is king, this is the mantra of online marketers. However this is not the only ingredient in making one’s online marketing efforts fruitful. Dressing up the king, er, the content is another effective way to get your way as an Internet marketer. This means optimizing the content to be more appreciated by the search engine users and the little program components, aka search engine spiders or bots that grade a site’s qualification to be placed on the top of the SERPs.

Who else should be learning about this method of optimizing content but the copywriter, right? That’s where the role of the SEO copywriter kicks in. An SEO copywriter knows how to make a site’s content not only pleasing to the eyes of the human readers but to also the search engine spiders that guide these readers to the sites.

Interested in learning how to be an excellent SEO copywriter both for your site’s readers and your site’s search engine position? Here are some tips:

– Writing Basics Should Not be Forgotten

Remember the hierarchy of information that’s taught by writing instructors? It’s still applicable in this type of writing – the Inverted Pyramid. Present first the most important information and keywords on the first part of your article to meet the requirements of an Inverted Pyramid. Yes, you’ve read that right – keywords. Keyword research is an important part of this process.

– Keyword Research Will Make Search Engine Spiders Find Your Site Intelligible

If done right, keyword research will make writing with readers and SEO in mind will make SEO copywriting a breeze to accomplish. To get a good view of how to do keyword research, taking note of ways people use the search engines, the keywords and keyword combinations and word arrangements in looking for information should be the first stuff you should take note of. Then, using keyword suggestion tools can help, too. There’s WordTracker, Trellian Keyword Discovery, Overture and other keyword tools that can give you some ideas on keyphrases that people usually use.

– Spam is Not the Food the Search Engines Would Love to Eat

Good if you’re able to gather keywords that are commonly used by searchers online. However, you should be careful in incorporating them to your site’s content. Any sign that you are overstuffing your articles with these weird keyword combinations, which are usually not making any sense at all, and your site is doomed. Placing the keywords on the title on the first paragraph, on the subheaders, and on the last paragraph of your article is enough. Also, use a variety of keyword combinations and synonyms to further prevent search engine spiders from labeling your site as a keyword spammer.

– Top 10 Lists of What to List on Your Site to Make it Search-Engine-Friendly

One of the not-so-secret weapons of effective SEO copywriters is the use of bullet points, numbered lists or Top 10’s of just about any imaginable information that can ever be disseminated. Why? Lists can be easily digested by readers and can be easily optimized. So make sure that you use this type of format in creating content every so often.

Couple those tips with a good link building campaign such as building relationships with the key people in your industry with popular sites and your site is going to reach the summit of the SERPs in record time. This is not an easy feat but a determined and well-skilled SEO copywriter will definitely succeed in doing this.