Internet Marketing and Social Media Cruise

Social media is a huge connection source for the Internet Marketer. Home based business owners constantly study ways to connect, searching various avenues to promote their blog or website. All sources are not of equal value but it pays to do your own research.

You may be a retail store, restaurant, shoe repair or vacuum cleaner sales or simply an Internet Marketer. Advertising and promotion is constant. What works is always the question Vs the expense.

Many social media resources are pretty well known while others are obscure with little value. Maybe some will grow over time into future power houses but you don’t have to fund them before they get there.

Relationships is our #1 goal. Keeping in touch is the challenge of every business owner. Nothing beats interaction with your customer, prospects, too.

Social media is “hot” when it comes to staying in touch.

Every contact, phone conversation, email, even texting. We have to do it all, just don’t do it while you’re driving your Corvette or riding the Harley.

You may like to write articles like we do, email your subscribers on a regular basis, use direct mail, follow-up with a regular thank you and phone calls.

What does your customer need? How can you serve them, think of ways to connect and keep them coming back regularly to your store.

Maybe discounts are possible. Quantity buys, BIG lots, etc. You’ve got to think outside the box or you’ll get run over by the “drivers” of commerce.

What’s your competition doing behind your back? You can be sure they will slip inside of your beltway and pull a quickie with some BIG deal. You’ve got to be alert and do some of the latest promotions, first. We call that being a huge winner.

Often, we see “loss” leaders or FREE offers for just coming in the door. Everyone wants what they don’t have, your customer, and will pay a premium to “kick” butt.

Never say – what you won’t do – or you may discover your business has moved on to a competitor. Beat your competitors at their own game before they even begin.

Tight money has brought out many bargain hunters who’ll switch to a new vendor of services or products without giving it a second thought. You’re out of there!

Ask yourself, is our customer service awesome? Are we the BEST? Is your sales staff doing the job you expect? Remember, YOU get what YOU inspect. Nothing more.

Do you call, personally, and follow up on your sales and service? Something to think about as a business owner. You’re writing the paycheck so the business belongs to YOU and your bank account.

It’s one thing to think “all is well” but another thing to call and make sure your customer is pleased with your service, your product and YOUR staff.

Don’t get comfortable believing your customer will always be. Everyday there are defections, jumping from one service to another, often for minimal reason or no reason at all.

Usually, the reason you lose customers is because YOU failed to stay in contact, lack of focus, interactions should be a given with your customers.