Profits From Email Marketing And Ecommerce

It is a naive but common misconception that you can send marketing emails to a subscriber list and make an easy fortune. Well, that would be great, but it’s not going to happen. However, email marketing has a huge potential to generate profits, if you do it right.

It takes more than just sending out emails to become a successful email marketer. Nevertheless, if you are willing to work consistently, you can substantially increase the profitability of any ecommerce website. By taking the time to carefully analyze your current situation and the best options available to you, try and test different internet marketing strategies and improve them where necessary, you can become successful. Your focus should be on building your opt in subscriber list, creating effective content for email marketing purposes, managing your subscriber list, and testing different approaches for effectiveness.

An attractive website will not automatically mean a profitable one. Your job is not only to get targeted traffic to your site, it is to attract traffic that converts to sales. The reason why most visitors do not become customers is that most people do not buy from a website on the first visit. If you do not have a way to capture visitors’ names and then build credibility with them, the cost of generating the traffic is often wasted. However, if you have a way of remaining in contact with your visitors, many of them will return to your website again and again to check out new offers and information. In other words, you have to create a subscriber list, build it and market to it consistently. Every page of your website should have a link to a subscription form.

The easiest way to get new subscribers is to offer an incentive. The most popular offers are free downloads such as an e-book, free subscriptions to ezines, free shipping or substantial discounts on purchases. The shopping cart form can include a new customer’s email address. Just make sure your form also gives permission for further email contact. If you add a link to a subscription form in your confirmation email to the customer, you can get further information that can aid your marketing efforts.

In the short term, until you have an effective subscriber based marketing program, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be used to direct a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Most people who are looking for certain types of products, services or information use online searches to locate them. A PPC campaign will get your website in front of people who are searching and many of them will click on your link. PPC should be combined with an opt-in mail list so that you don’t lose the benefit of your visitors should they not immediately purchase. Make sure your sign up form is user friendly. Then send regular updates, information and offers to your readers with links back to your website.

Your website should be easy to navigate with products and services organized into categories or sections so that people can easily find what they are looking for. Make it easy for people to make their selections. Personalize your emails by using your subscriber’s first name. If you add a “tell a friend” or “send to a friend” option to your newsletter you may be able to benefit from viral marketing. Personal recommendations are more likely if your content is interesting or unusual.